The ReManned Project™️  is a non profit coaching and consulting firm specializing in personal and leadership development for Black Males seeking to break the vicious cycle of missed potential so that they transform every area of their lives. We've been in business since 2019 and we've worked with individual males, husbands, fathers and leaders of Industry since our inception. We leverage our commitment to the Character Arc™, in order to help our clients experience spiritual, mental, and physical excellence.


We change culture one man at a time. If you are a male of color, who despite being successful in public, really understand that there is more to success then your balance sheet and public accolades and want to experience success and transformation behind the scenes, in every single other area of your life, we are excited to chat with you.


At the end of the day, we help our clients experience the individual, family, and business life that they've always craved.

The ReManned Project™️​

We engage men of color in their process of self-discovery, breaking the vicious cycles of missed potential so that they transform every area of their lives.

We believe that when you show up confidently and equipped as a man, a husband and a father and a leader of industry, you would be able to create the life you've always craved.

We believe that your growth and development takes place in three progressive stages; your personal life, your family life, and your business life.

Our strong spot of  The ReManned Project™️ is equipping men to grow spirit soul and body so bad they become men of Excellence in their personal lives, their family lives and their societal lives. Before we can get you showing up strongly in society, we help you develop in the innermost part of your being. We Believe that as a man you should be successful in your life which begins with success in your spirit which includes your thinking.


We expose all of the fractures in the way that you're showing up as a man. Unlike other agencies, for Men of Color, we are the leading coaching and consulting agency that provides transformation in every area of their lives, to put it plainly, we help men break cycles that consistently keep them from their highest and best.


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